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People want to feel good in a given space. On one hand, it's a question of shelter, but on the other, it's also a question of pleasure. ~ Zaha Hadid

We create a unique space for exceptional residents - those who are fully aware of their needs: they value their comfort of living, privacy, green environment and silence. People who are open to modern intelligent houses and appreciate architecture of the highest quality. Those for whom diligence, uniqueness and individual approach are the basic values.


We have gained the trust of our clients during all these years, it’s all thanks to meeting deadlines, reliable communication and high quality of project’s execution. The partners we work with are the leaders in their field, operating in accordance with the highest standards. 
Petro Development Sp. z o. o. is a member of the Polish Association of Construction Developers, who actively implements the Code of Good Practice, guided by ethics and business integrity.


There is no need for compromise when it comes to living in comfort. Our projects are characterized by a high standard performance and the highest quality of architecture, created by the best, award-winning architectural studios. We appreciate customers who are looking for unique flats and apartments, which is why we focus on functional projects with a friendly design, which can be given its own, original character and style.


Extraordinary and at the same time elite character of the complex is created by 8 city villas, each containing 8 unique apartments. We focus on innovation and that is why we create intelligent buildings - adjusted to the individual needs of our residents, ensuring comfort and safety. The unique, "green" character of the complex, high standard of execution, architectural design, attention to details and the comfort of living of the residents (panoramic windows, spacious balconies, gardens, an elevator) - all this gives an extraordinary effect and makes the Elite City Villas the perfect place to live.


Ursus is one of the smallest and most private districts of Warsaw. Its location (only 15 minutes from the Center), gives an opportunity for best solution for people who seek mobility but also want a friendly place to live.
We are proud how carefully we select location, care for the safety of residents and exceptionally, for the surroundings and green areas. We believe that our resident complex, located in one of the most attractive parts of Ursus, will fulfill the dreams of everyone who is looking for unique flats and apartments.

Residential Complex
8 City Villas, 8 apartments in each villa
Low-rise Residential Complex
Two-floors building with an underground area
Spacious balconies
Bright and wide balconies (up to 1.80 m wide and up to 24m²)
Private gardens
Gardens dedicated to individual apartments (up to 218 m²)
Panoramic windows
Large and wide windows; HS sliding window system on the top floors
New street
A charming alley leading to a building surrounded by a row of trees
Safe complex area
Video intercoms, steel security doors
Functionally designed apartments area

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Square meters

Number Floor: Rooms Square meters Balcony/Garden Status
8A.1 0 3 50,50m2 167,71m2 Sold
5D.3 0 2 50,83m2 42,46m2 Sold
6B.1 0 3 50,91m2 91,28m2 Sold
4B.1 0 3 50,92m2 49,48m2 Sold
7A.1 0 3 52,08m2 88,60m2 Sold
3C.1 0 2 52,32m2 55,66m2 Sold
2E.3 0 3 54,92m2 102,41m2 Sold
7A.3 0 3 55,83m2 64,63m2 Sold
5D.2 0 3 55,91m2 46,89m2 Sold
5D.5 1 3 55,95m2 11,08m2 Sold
4B.5 1 3 56,30m2 6,50m2 Sold
4B.2 0 3 56,30m2 33,26m2 Sold
7A.5 1 3 56,34m2 11,49m2 Sold
7A.2 0 3 56,35m2 36,30m2 Sold
6B.2 0 3 56,38m2 49,38m2 Sold
6B.5 1 3 56,38m2 6,40m2 Sold
6B.3 0 3 56,54m2 125,90m2 Sold
4B.3 0 2 56,61m2 82,67m2 Sold
3C.2 0 3 56,65m2 47,03m2 Sold
3C.5 1 3 56,67m2 6,52m2 Sold
1F.3 0 3 58,22m2 130,13m2 Sold
2E.1 0 3 59,32m2 28,28m2 Sold
1F.1 0 3 60,30m2 66,30m2 Sold
8A.3 0 3 60,65m2 51,98m2 Sold
8A.5 1 3 61,70m2 7,94m2 Sold
8A.2 0 3 61,70m2 49,95m2 Sold
5D.6 1 3 63,44m2 10,59m2 Sold
8A.4 1 3 63,59m2 11,47m2 Sold
7A.4 1 3 63,87m2 6,36m2 Sold
4B.4 1 3 63,88m2 6,73m2 Sold
6B.4 1 3 63,94m2 6,85m2 Sold
4B.6 1 3 64,03m2 7,37m2 Sold
7A.6 1 3 64,06m2 10,41m2 Sold
6B.6 1 3 64,13m2 6,24m2 Sold
3C.4 1 3 64,44m2 10,53m2 Sold
5D.1 0 3 66,90m2 161,52m2 Sold
2E.4 1 3 67,38m2 6,12m2 Sold
3C.3 0 3 67,69m2 217,56m2 Sold
8A.6 1 3 68,20m2 6,57m2 Sold
2E.6 1 3 69,42m2 10,41m2 Sold
1F.4 1 3 69,48m2 11,40m2 Sold
1F.6 1 3 70,77m2 6,92m2 Sold
5D.4 1 4 75,54m2 6,10m2 Sold
3C.6 1 3 76,23m2 11,55m2 Sold
8A.7 2 4 85,21m2 19,68m2 Sold
2E.5 1 5 86,42m2 10,33m2 Sold
2E.2 0 5 86,47m2 63,30m2 Sold
7A.7 2 4 92,79m2 12,12m2 Sold
4B.7 2 4 92,84m2 15,33m2 Sold
1F.2 0 5 92,85m2 70,11m2 Sold
6B.7 2 4 92,91m2 13,41m2 Sold
6B.8 2 4 93,16m2 6,24m2 Sold
1F.5 1 5 93,19m2 23,88m2 Sold
7A.8 2 4 93,26m2 16,16m2 Sold
4B.8 2 4 93,26m2 15,64m2 Sold
5D.7 2 5 93,86m2 16,04m2 Sold
3C.8 2 5 98,22m2 11,57m2 Sold
3C.7 2 5 99,42m2 17,07m2 Sold
5D.8 2 5 101,23m2 26,60m2 Sold
8A.8 2 5 109,10m2 14,54m2 Sold
2E.8 2 5 112,93m2 22,65m2 Sold
2E.7 2 5 113,31m2 18,86m2 Sold
1F.8 2 5 116,36m2 18,08m2 Sold
1F.7 2 5 119,58m2 24,09m2 Sold


Construction chronicles

About the developer

Petro Development Sp. z o. o. is a member of the Polish Association of Constructive Developers, it is a company with an established position on the market and a stable financial situation, guarantees the security of every investment. The group includes the company OPGK Sp. z o. o., which is the general executive of our investments.

Moreover, Petro Development Sp. z o. o. (as the parent company) in order to implement a development project entitled 'Elite - Wille Miejskie' established a special group, P1 Development Sp. z o. o

We work according to the best market standards, guarantee the security of the invested capital, reliable partners and the project execution in timely manner.

The main value is QUALITY:

  • we carefully select the locations of our projects,
  • we cooperate with the best market leaders in the industry,
  • we follow latest trends when it comes to the level of projects, in both architectural and construction solutions,
  • we care about the success of the project execution and the best quality materials
  • our clients appreciate the professionalism and attention we contribute to design a functional and life-friendly flats and apartments.
Premises enabling the clients to arrange according to their own taste
High-standard work and high-quality materials
Timely projects execution
Attention to operating costs
Offering competitive terms
Safety of invested capital
Thorough selection of employees and contractors
Conduct in accordance with ethics and the best market standards
Reliable information provided to the customers about the conducted activity
A long-term building strategy and solid relations with the client
Careful selection of the location
Modern and functional architecture


Sunny Square

Sunny Square

Warszawa, ul. Jagiełły 33                  


Park Alley

Park Alley

Warszawa, ul. Drzymały 13                


Ursus Metamorphosis

Ursus Metamorphosis

Warszawa, ul. Wojciechowskiego 17


Inwestycja Wille Elite

Elite Wille Miejskie

Warszawa, ul. Dzieci Warszawy 6

On Sale

Warsaw, Ursus

In the process of realization

Inwestycja Ursus w przygotowaniu

Warsaw, Ursus

In the process of realization


Notus Finanse S.A

NOTUS Finanse S.A.
02-566 Warszawa
ul. Puławska 2 Budynek A piętro 11

Jakub Stebelski
tel. + 48 667 965 128


We are an interior design studio working on the market since 2009. We specialize in finishing works of apartments and houses as well as inside fitted furnitures, including kitchen. We work in organized way, from a design to implementation.

Alicja Janiak
Sales Specialist
tel. + 48 888 220 110

Dział sprzedaży


tel.: +48 531 001 001

Wł. Jagiełły 44, 02-495 Warszawa

Sales office operating hours:
Poniedziałek – Piątek 9:00 – 17:00

Ewelina Ślizankiewicz

Elżbieta Osińska

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